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Destination: Ontario

by Matt Beauchamp

You have had a busy week. Work in downtown Toronto led to new opportunities, and also business meetings in Hamilton at the end of the week. All you can think of now is kicking back and relaxing at your cabin in Parry Sound. But who wants to spend six hours (or more) on Highway 400 driving from Hamilton to Parry Sound? And with construction season at its peak, who knows how long and frustrating of a drive it could turn out to be.

With cottage season just around the corner, there’s a better way to ensure more of your time is spent enjoying your property and your family and less of it is spent in traffic.
Luckily, as a private jet Owner with AirSprint, you are just a short 30-minute flight (or less depending where you are flying from/to) from being able to recharge. You get to bypass the snarling traffic below you and turn your thoughts towards serene days on the lake taking in the splash of jumping fish and gorgeous dockside sunsets.
With your free time there is a lot to see and do around Ontario.
So Much To See And Do
Whether you are travelling to Kenora, Muskoka, Ottawa or Midland there is a lot to keep you busy.
With over 1,600 lakes, there is plenty of space to explore either by boat or by land in the Muskoka area. Ottawa offers the Canadian Tulip festival or one of North America’s top music festivals with Bluesfest.
The KEE to Bala is a music concert series dating back to 1942 and a great event to check out throughout the summer. The luxurious Spa Rosseau is ready to pamper you at any time, or why not take a boat ride to an unforgettable dinner in Algonquin Park?
Are you a Blue Jays season ticket holder? You can catch a Friday night game, hop on a flight, and fall asleep in your bed at your cabin all in a matter of hours.
Additionally, the short flight gives you time to finish up any last-minute work or to just relax and unwind as you prepare for your weekend.
Ontario is a beautiful province with plenty to offer from border-to-border. Suddenly, there’s more opportunities in front of you when you don’t have to spend all of your time driving.
While AirSprint private jet ownership makes it easy to capitalize on all the hours in a day, ultimately what we offer is time. More time with your family, less time in traffic. More time to yourself and less time travelling. More of doing what you love and less time getting to it.
In the end, that’s what weekends away from the city are for; relaxing with friends and family and doing what it is that you want to do.
Ontario: What’s on for 2019

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