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Flexibility When You Need It the Most: Fractional Private Jet Ownership.

 by Adriana Bernal

It’s no secret that with commercial air travel you are restricted to major airports, established airline routes, schedules and seasonal offerings. Charter travel may help you reach your favourite hard-to-get-to destination, but it comes with a significant additional cost. Charter rates can fluctuate and aircraft availability is never guaranteed. Whole ownership is only cost-effective when you are past a certain flight time threshold and comes with the work of taking care of the maintenance, staffing and servicing of the aircraft. If your plane requires maintenance, you can’t fly. When you have an important ‘last-minute’ business meeting you need to get to – or, if half-way through your trip you need to change your schedule, the last thing you need is to have to worry about the logistics around how you are going to get there. You have a business to focus on. This is where AirSprint’s Fractional Jet Ownership program comes in.
You’ll have a Personal Flight Concierge that’s available 24 hours a day to look after all of your travel needs, including last minute changes. Pricing does not fluctuate depending on your time of booking, there are no positioning costs and you’ll have access to an entire fleet of aircraft to eliminate downtime for maintenance.
Your Jet is Ready When You Are
Ownership programs begin at 25 annual hours (Advantage Access) and increase in 25 hour increments. They are designed to meet your personal and business travel needs. Flexible ownership options include Capital Purchase and Lease Programs.
Whether your trips require an 8-passenger mid-size jet to fly across the continent or a light-jet for short quick hop, Owners enjoy the flexibility of having access to the entire AirSprint fleet.
Access to Thousands of Airports
With access to thousands of runways across North America, the Caribbean and Europe, Owners enjoy the flexibility of flying in and out of airports closer to their destination. They are able to make the most out of their time by flying directly to their destinations, avoiding wasted time with unnecessary commercial travel layovers. Is your business expanding into New Brunswick? Your jet will take you into Fredericton directly. No need to spend time connecting through Toronto or Montréal, or being dependent on airline schedules. Fly when you need to, not when you have to.
Do you live in the GTA and would love to avoid having to drive all the way to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport? You can conveniently fly in and out of airports such as Hamilton’s John C. Munro, Waterloo International Airport, Burlington Executive Airport, Buttonville Municipal Airport and Oshawa Executive Airport amongst others.
more time to do the things you love
Flexibility: More Access to Spend time at the cabin
Looking to spend more time at the cottage this summer? Fractional jet ownership helps you cut down on your commute with direct access to exciting cottage country destinations such as Muskoka, Midland and Parry Sound. Why not fly in the comfort and privacy of your private jet from anywhere in the country. With guaranteed access to your jet with as little as 8-hours’ notice, going to the cottage has never been easier!
AirSprint’s Personal Concierges are available to their Owners 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team is ready to help take care of everything you require to make your travel a relaxing experience.  Your possibilities are endless when you own a private jet.