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Are you an existing AirSprint Owner looking for travel inspiration for your next family getaway? Are you an individual or corporation contemplating fractional private jet ownership as an effective business tool to help maximize your time? You’ve come to the right place.

Gateways’ articles and stories will let you discover our programs through the Owner’s perspective, showcase new and exciting destinations and much more…

At AirSprint, safety comes first. It is one of our six core values and the safety of our fractional owners is always the number one consideration in our flight operations. Fractional aviation in general has one of the best safety records in the entire aviation sector.

AirSprint is no exception to this rule with a large number of safety initiatives to help ensure a safe and efficient operation for our fractional owners, our pilots, and everyone else involved with AirSprint. Aviation safety starts with a well-trained crew and AirSprint has always taken its training very seriously. We go well above the minimum training requirements set out by the industry for our type of operation, and through our rigid hiring process and initial training program, ensure we are getting the best of the best when it comes to your flight crews.

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Legacy 450 Double Rainbow @ Kelowna
Whether you chose to take in St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, Montréal or Ireland (or attempt to do all three!) your AirSprint jet is always there to provide you with endless travel opportunities.  This St. Patricks Day, there may be a pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow… if you are lucky, there may be a private jet instead.

St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years and has grown in popularity every year. From wearing green, to enjoying all things Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to spend time with friends.  From Chicago, to Montreal to Dublin your jet will be able to provide convenient access to your desired festivities. The convenience of hassle-free private jet travel means that you no longer have to leave your itineraries off to chance.

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Mix business with pleasure in London, Ontario
Private jet ownership gives you the ability to get in and out your favourite destination without having to worry about traffic.  You can take care of business in Toronto, then relax or take in the many festivities associated with the upcoming Junos.

One of the greatest benefits of being an AirSprint fractional jet owner is that you have the ability to check out new events in new cities. When you think of holiday destinations London, Ontario isn’t typically your first thought. But maybe it should be.

Since 1964 the Juno awards have been showcasing the best of Canadian musical acts. This year the awards ceremony will take place this Sunday, March 17 at the Budweiser Garden’s in downtown London.

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AirSprint Access Flexibility Advantage
When you have an important meeting or special event you need to get to – or, if half-way through your trip you need to change your schedule, the last thing you need is to have to worry about the logistics around how you are going to get there.

With access to thousands of runways across North America, the Caribbean and Europe, Owners enjoy the flexibility of flying in and out of airports closer to their destination. They are able to make the most out of their time by flying directly to their destinations, avoiding wasted time with unnecessary commercial travel layovers. Is your business expanding into New Brunswick? Your jet will take you into Fredericton directly. No need to spend time connecting through Toronto or Montréal, or being dependent on airline schedules. Fly when you need to, not when you have to.

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AirSprint fractional Owners have the flexibility of reaching Austin directly from anywhere in North America. They are able to spend the time they save traveling enjoying everything ‘The Lone Star State’ capital has to offer.

South By South West (SXSW) features a music festival, film festival, comedy festival, tech conference, exhibition and gaming conference. All total, these events and the corresponding parties brought in over 225,000 people in 2018. Taking place March 8-17, 2019, this world-renowned conference – known for attracting entrepreneurs in technology, engineering, and science as well as world-class musicians – is reason enough to head to Austin. But there is so much more to see and do while you’re there.

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Destination Ontario :: Gateways - AirSprint Private Aviation

Ontario is a beautiful province with plenty to offer from border-to-border. Suddenly, there’s more opportunities in front of you when you don’t have to spend all of your time driving.

You have had a busy week. Work in downtown Toronto led to new opportunities, and also business meetings in Hamilton at the end of the week. All you can think of now is kicking back and relaxing at your cabin in Parry Sound.

But who wants to spend six hours (or more) on Highway 400 driving from Hamilton to Parry Sound? And with construction season at its peak, who knows how long and frustrating of a drive it could turn out to be.

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Whether you love aviation, have family around the world, travel extensively for work or want to bring people to you, AirSprint’s model of fractional ownership means increased flexibility for your life.

Creating a world where you spend less time waiting and more time doing. That’s the AirSprint way. For Canadian business owner, Juan Speck, out of Toronto, Ontario, the fractional ownership model – and the idea of making the most of his time – made sense to him for personal and professional reasons. “The service, the simplicity and the ease of travelling is amazing. It’s easier than booking a flight on the internet and you have the flexibility to change at any point or any time.” 

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Welcome to Gateways! A destination where you can find out more about AirSprint Private Aviation.

Are you an existing Owner looking for travel inspiration for your next family getaway? Are you an individual or corporation contemplating fractional private jet ownership as an effective business tool to help maximize your time?

Find out more about new and exciting destinations that are conveniently accessible on-board the AirSprint fleet.  Hear what Owners have to say and how they have incorporated private jet travel into their business development strategies. Discover what is behind our industry leading safety standards, exceptional turn-key service and flexible programs. The possibilities are endless when you own a private jet.

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