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private jet for pets
Private Jet Travel for Pets

For many of our owners, leaving their furry friends behind is just not an option. While flying pets on commercial aircraft comes with fees, limits on the number of pets permitted per flight, and even casualties and misplaced pets in some extreme cases, flying with your pets on AirSprint is an easy and enjoyable process…

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5 Reasons PJ News
Five Reasons to Fly By Private Jet

Efficiency, flexibility and safety are the main reasons why companies and business people choose to fly by private jet. Efficiency Although some private jets can fly faster than commercial airliners, the biggest time saving of a private jet is the end of unnecessary waiting while you are still on the ground. Next time you fly…

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private jet reasons
The Private Jet Advantage

With so many Product offerings in the Private Jet market, it just makes sense to use for business and pleasure. 1. Greater choice in destinations. Private aviation companies can access up to ten times more airports than commercial airlines, making it easier and quicker to get where you need to go. 2. Facilities are clean,…

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James Elian 560x300
James Elian Appointed New President of AirSprint Private Aviation

AirSprint is pleased to announce that James Elian has recently been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer for the company. In his new role, James will oversee all aspects of AirSprint’s day-to-day operations and implement the strategic direction as determined by the Board of Directors. As part of his new role, James also becomes…

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