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Customer service standards focused on utmost care, attention and experience.
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National fleet of private jets serving Canadians coast-to-coast including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the Maritimes.

We deliver exceptional customer service through a passionate pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


AirSprint Fractional Owners favour a close interactive business relationship, and insist on the utmost care, attention and service. AirSprint delivers a focused customer service model that facilitates the accomplishments of a very exclusive group of individuals.

Personal Touch

This high level of attention start at the top… As an AirSprint Fractional Owner, you enjoy unfettered access to our Senior Leadership team. Our business leaders are available to promptly answer questions and discuss our services with you directly.


AirSprint’s 24/7 personal flight coordinators are available day and night to plan and schedule your travel needs and assist you during your trip should itineraries need changing, ensuring your flight, from departure to destination and everything in between, is worry free.


As our frontline ambassadors, we ensure our pilots not only have excellent flying expertise, but also world class customer service skills. They receive regular customer experience training with the express purpose of making your flying experience as pleasant as possible.


In addition to offering a cost-effective way to maximize your time, AirSprint is a discreet way to travel, offering the security and sense of privacy that only comes with flying on business aircraft.


Stepping aboard an AirSprint aircraft is to enter your own personal sanctuary. Far from the hustle of commercial travel, the AirSprint travel experience begins with your call. Within hours your aircraft stands poised, catered and appointed to your personal tastes and requirements.