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In the words of our Fractional Owners.

“The key thing about service is that anyone can buy the airplane, but it’s the quality of the service that matters. With AirSprint, you’re greeted by someone who takes your luggage, you sit down and if you want a glass of wine they open a bottle. Even down to the rug they lay down under your feet. I like it. After working 16 hours, I can use that. I can get so much more accomplished on a private plane when the experience is this way – it makes a huge difference.”

Service. David Patchell-Evans.

“Fractional Ownership gives me the ability to do everything that friends who own an entire aircraft do, but I don’t have to own a whole aircraft and I don’t have to manage it.”

The Value of Fractional Ownership vs. Whole Ownership. Blair McKeil

“Safety is a big thing for us. AirSprint has high standards for quality control in their maintenance programs as well as the selection and training of their pilots. Therefore, I have never had an uncomfortable moment in my life when flying with AirSprint. Then there is the service, support and the ground crew which are second to none. I never hesitate to put people on an AirSprint aircraft – whether it’s my friends or family. They are always great at what they do.”

Safety. W. Brett Wilson

“…it was a Sunday afternoon and all the flights out of La Guardia were cancelled. I called AirSprint and we had her home by 8 o’clock that night.”
AirSprint is there in a New York minute. John Cassaday 
Sometimes on a commercial flight it’s hard to even think, let alone get anything accomplished. I look at it as an office in the sky and that’s pretty valuable. Whether it’s a 3 hour, 2 hour or 1.5 hour flight, you can get a lot accomplished during that time. A private plane allows you to have a private board room with uninterrupted time – imagine what can be accomplished in that environment! When you add all those things up – it’s efficient, it’s productive and it’s the only way to go.

Productivity. Jerry Colangelo

“…private aviation is the best gift you can give yourself.”
 The Gift of Private Aviation. Maurice Pinsonnault
“Whether you are looking for innovative ways to reach customers, need to fly to meetings, or are looking for a more convenient way to move around in your personal life, AirSprint has a jet – and a plan – tailored to fit your individual needs”
 Program Flexibility. Juan Speck

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