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AirSprint Releases White Paper | Fractional Jet Ownership Explained

Posted on Monday, 16 August 2021


AirSprint Inc., the Canadian authority in Fractional Jet Ownership, has published a new white paper, 'Fractional Jet Ownership Explained: An informative guide for achieving your dream of personalized private aircraft travel.' The paper takes a deep dive into the AirSprint Fractional Jet Ownership model: what it is, how it works, who is the 'ideal' customer, what it costs and an overview of the benefits.

Private jets are often called time machines that transport travellers to large and small destinations quickly, safely and efficiently while giving them the capability to work, sleep or entertain along the way. A charter won't always be reliable enough, and whole ownership of a jet is full of headaches and challenges that take an owner away from their business and leisure time. Fractional Jet Ownership gives owners all the advantages of having a private jet on-call without upkeep, maintenance, and staff difficulties.

"Individuals and corporations choose Fractional Jet Ownership with AirSprint for the convenience and advantages of ownership without the unwanted complications of managing your own jet or the uncertainty and frustration with finding a charter," said Scott Wenz, AirSprint's Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "Not only are we committed to delivering a superior level of service, but we also offer a simple, transparent cost structure—you'll always know what to expect every flight experience with us."

With guaranteed access to North America's newest fleet of fractionally-owned aircraft, AirSprint Owners enjoy the flexibility of their own personal time machine—a smart business tool that drives organizational growth while enabling effective time management. As the world emerges from a global pandemic, now is the time to explore the safety, security and comfort of Fractional Jet Ownership. 

About AirSprint

AirSprint Private Aviation is a privately held company with offices in Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. AirSprint maintains the largest fractional fleet of private aircraft in Canada, a jet collection of Embraer Praetor 500s, Embraer Legacy 450s, Cessna Citations CJ3+ and Cessna Citations CJ2+. AirSprint proudly flies Canadians from coast-to-coast including service from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and the Maritimes. AirSprint provides discerning Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry-leading safety standards, exceptional turn-key service and increased flexibility; everything personalized for the Owners’ individual travel needs. All at a fraction of the cost. AirSprint.com

Scott Wenz
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
AirSprint Inc.
Ph. 403.669.7530


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