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A sensible way to access and enjoy the benefits of private aviation.


A passion for aviation and for providing exceptional service formed the foundation of AirSprint’s introduction of Fractional Ownership to Canada in 2000. Today each of our dedicated staff are passionate about delivering a private aviation experience that positively contributes to the personal and professional lives of successful Canadians.



AirSprint’s Mission is to provide successful Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry leading safety standards, exceptional turnkey service, and increased flexibility, all at a fraction of the cost, and personalized for their individual needs.


Our Values


Safety is our first priority, nothing is more important.


We deliver exceptional customer service through a passionate pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


We foster relationships with all stakeholders through respect and fairness.


Our actions are guided by integrity, as the long term rewards are incalculable.


We are our own toughest critic and strive to improve in everything we do.


We will be a good corporate citizen and give back to the communities in which we work and live.

Financial Strength

Be confident in your decision to become a Fractional Owner with AirSprint.

Since AirSprint’s inception in 2000, we have remained a financially strong and viable company that is validated with annual external audits. This financial and operational strength ensures that we maintain your aircraft to the highest standards, hire exceptionally safe and customer focused pilots and uphold the commitments we make to you, the Fractional Owners.

AirSprint’s philosophy for ensuring its strong financial positioning is based on the following:

  • AirSprint’s pricing ensures that we can consistently deliver on the commitments we make, while at the same time provide a competitive and affordable Private Aviation solution to our clients.
  • AirSprint employs public company style governance and an experienced Board of Directors to bring financial and strategic discipline to the company.
  • AirSprint values and respects all of the stakeholders in the business. By focusing on integrity based relationships with our clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers, we will ensure that we have as strong of a future as we have a past.