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Fractional Jet Ownership

You invest in a private jet. Use the same model of jet whenever you need it. Leave the upkeep, staffing and responsibility to us.

What is fractional ownership?

The concept is simple. You want to fly by private jet whenever you like. A charter won’t always be reliable enough. And whole ownership of a jet is full of headaches and challenges that will take you away from your business and leisure time.

Fractional Ownership is the perfect solution. You invest in a private jet, with guaranteed access whenever you need it, fuelled-up and ready to go, with as little as 24 hours’ notice. You’re the Owner, and our team treats you like one. With AirSprint, you'll experience turn-key travel that makes the most of your time.

In addition to offering a cost-effective way to maximize your time, AirSprint is a discreet way to travel, providing the security and sense of privacy that only comes with owning a jet.

Your private jet dream is within reach.

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How Fractional Ownership Works

You own a private jet.
You invest in one specific serial numbered aircraft and this purchase gives you guaranteed access with as little as 24 hours’ notice.
Fly where you like, when you like.
The purchase price or annual lease payment is proportionate to the number of annual hours you'd like to fly, starting at 25 annual hours. Unlike charters, there are no repositioning fees.
We take care of the rest.
You'll benefit from fixed annual and hourly pricing, adding no extra costs to last-minute or one-way bookings. An annual overhead fee covers maintenance, crew, pilots and everything else you'll need.
The Little Details Help Elevate The Experience - Beth Hamilton-Keen

“The little details help elevate the experience... which I'm honoured to share with my friends and family.”

Beth Hamilton-Keen | AirSprint Fractional Owner

The benefits of AirSprint Fractional Ownership.

Individuals and corporations choose Fractional Ownership because they want a way to fly that is safe, efficient and enjoyable, with the kind of comfort they’ve earned.

They choose AirSprint because we simply do it better.

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    Receive a Better Level of Service

    At every level of our Fractional Ownership Program, you receive the utmost care, attention and service. Our team knows you as an Owner—not just another customer.

  • noun Yin and yang 1739605
    Achieve Balance

    Success can be demanding. AirSprint’s Fractional Ownership Program will help you achieve a more rewarding work-life balance.

  • noun Time 2994710
    Regain Control of Your Time

    Your time is important. You can regain control of your travel schedule to help realize your personal, business and philanthropic goals.

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    Be More Productive

    Get where you want, when you want, so you get done what you want to get done. There’s less risk of delays. You won’t have the interruptions or distractions of commercial flights.

  • noun service 2573773
    Maximize a Better Work Schedule

    Your business trips will be faster and more focused. Accomplish more each day and still be home in time for dinner or other special moments.

  • noun Family 851647
    Live a Fuller Life

    You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to spend time in your favourite places with the people that matter most. Arrive quickly and safely, without the burdens associated with commercial travel.

Fractional Ownership versus traditional travel.

Break free of the pack today.

Your Ownership Options

Flying by jet is a dream we’ve all had. But even once you’ve earned it, the reality isn’t always straightforward. AirSprint’s Fractional Ownership Program is the answer. It takes away the headaches of whole ownership or charters; and leaves only the freedom of private jet travel whenever you like.​

AirSprint offers flexible programs where you can choose from a capital purchase or lease option with all of the benefits of whole ownership, but at a fraction of the cost and with none of the headaches.

Choose Your Fractional Ownership Plan

Our private jet experience is designed to give you freedom and flexibility. Choose the plan that suits your needs. They start at a minimum of 25 annual hours; increasing in increments of 25.

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Let us walk you through how Fractional Ownership works.

Individuals and corporations choose AirSprint for the comfort, and hassle-free convenience, of knowing that their jet will be ready when they are. This video will help you explore your options and explain the key numbers you need to consider when becoming an Owner.

AirSprint connects the dots that don't connect  |  Scott Ruzesky

Our programs help our fractional owners live their best lives

“The one thing that you can't buy with money is time. AirSprint allows you to buy back time that you'd otherwise give away to traditional methods of travel.”

AirSprint Allows You To Buy Back Time | Scott Ruzesky

Gain freedom and flexibility. Talk to us about your preferred options.

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