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Canada’s largest fleet of fractional private aircraft.

When selecting private jets for our fractional fleet, AirSprint prioritizes safety, comfort, reliability, performance and efficiency.

 AirSprint maintains the largest fractional fleet of private aircraft in Canada. The AirSprint fleet of 16 fractional aircraft includes, seven Embraer Legacy 450, six Cessna Citation CJ2+ and three Citation CJ3+. AirSprint currently has shares available in the CJ3+ and Legacy 450.

The Legacy 450 sets the new standard for mid-size aircraft. A large and luxurious flat floor stand-up cabin, coast-to-coast range, high cruise speed, and leading edge fly-by-wire technology, all at price point well below traditional mid-size jets.
The Citation CJ3+ offers the ultimate cabin for light-jet travel. The seats have been crafted with passenger comfort in mind. A belted lavatory comes standard, while the six cabin seats swing out for added legroom. In addition, this CJ allows you to stay seamlessly connected with wireless intelligent cabin technology designed especially for the Citation line. The CJ3+ is the perfect combination of mid-size jet performance and range with light jet efficiency and operating costs.
The Citation CJ2+ sets the standard for light jet efficiency with its low operating costs, flexible mission capability, comfortable cabin and on-board Wi-Fi.