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Spend more time on Magnolia Lane: More golf and less time getting to the Masters.

 by Matt Beauchamp

Every golfer looks forward to Master’s week and as an Airsprint fractional owner you’ll have one more reason to get excited.
If you’re lucky enough to have won the ticket lottery and are heading to Augusta for the Masters – congratulations! For you and your travel buddies, a trip to Augusta National is a bucket list item, and as an AirSprint Owner you get the added bonus of enjoying convenient private jet access into Augusta.
Flights aboard the Legacy 450 to Augusta are as short as under two hours from Toronto, or just over 5 hours from Vancouver. If you’re flying from Palm Springs flights are just over 4 hours, whereas flights from West Palm Beach Florida are a little over an hour.
By flying on your private jet and not flying commercial you save yourself hours of travel time and headaches at the airport. You have the advantage of flying directly into the Augusta Regional Airport instead of having to route through Atlanta or Charlotte, then potentially having to make a two hour drive to Augusta if a connecting flight is not available.
Where To Stay
Any Masters veteran will tell you that staying as close as possible to Augusta National makes your life easier. Washington Road is the main street leading to the gates and during the Masters, traffic on it is no joke.
Whether you’re travelling with family or your golf buddies the most recommended way to enjoy your stay is to rent a house together. Luckily lots of Augusta residents head out of town for the tournament and offer their houses up for rent. If you’re interested, then this is the best place to find local housing.
Where to eat
A few miles down the road from Augusta National is downtown Augusta where you can find a bunch of different places to eat including Abel Brown which features southern cooking and an oyster bar, or check out the popular Frog Hollow Tavern, which despite the name is actually a fine dining restaurant that prides itself on affordability and inclusiveness in a relaxed atmosphere.
If you’d like to stay really close to the course to eat, then the must eat places are T-Bonz Steakhouse – where many of the caddies hang out and the Waffle House on Washington Road, famous for hosting Bubba Watson after becoming the 2014 Masters champion.
What to do
Obviously, the tournament itself can take up most of your time. However, if you only got tickets for the practice rounds, or are only wanting to partake in the weekend of the tournament, then there is still lots you can do around Augusta.
Play Golf
Play Golf - Gateways - Spend more time on Magnolia Lane. More golf and less
With so much golf on the brain it’ll be hard to not want to get out and play yourself. Tee times can be hard to come by, but if you book early you can check out some of the gorgeous courses around Augusta including Reynolds Plantation in nearby Greensboro or Forest Hills Golf Club in Augusta.
The Augusta Canal by boat
Augusta Canal - Gateways - Spend more time on Magnolia Lane. More golf and less
Augusta is home to an historic canal that was built in the 1845 to support local industry. You can take in the history of Georgia as well as the beauty of the canal by sailing down it in a Petersburg Boat.
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - Gateways - Spend more time on Magnolia Lane. More golf and less
It may surprise some that Georgia is home to the BAPS, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir – Lilburn, the largest Hindu Temple outside of India. This architectural marvel took 1.3 million volunteer hours to build and hosts a ceremony of light, also known as the “arti ceremony” every morning at 11:15.
If you’re lucky enough to have got tickets to the Masters then your trip itinerary is already set up to be one you’ll remember forever.
As an AirSprint private jet Owner,  you will be able to fly into Augusta Regional Airport which – without traffic – is a short 22 minute drive to the Augusta National Golf Club.
Getting to Georgia in your private jet has never been easier. With short flight times and the ability to bypass long lines at the airport, you’ll spend less time travelling and more time enjoying all that is the Masters.

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