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Safety is our first priority. Nothing is more important.

AirSprint’s commitment to safety includes sophisticated Safety and Quality Management Systems, airline quality pilot procedures, in-house aircraft maintenance, and thorough pilot training that far exceeds regulatory requirements and includes annual full motion flight simulator evaluation.  Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we remain diligent, looking at each flight as an opportunity to forever improve the level of safety.

Highest Safety Rating

AirSprint has been awarded the ARGUS Platinum Rating, the highest safety rating available from ARGUS International. 



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Combined flying hours

Safety Values


Our fractional aircraft are appreciated for their comfort, design, docile handling characteristics and the latest in jet engine technology and flight guidance systems.

Safety Management System

Our “system to improve the system” identifies opportunities for improvement through a non-punitive reporting system, front-line personnel incident reports, internal audits and Quality Assurance (QA) programs.


Our culture maintains the delicate balance between confidence in the ability of our people and aircraft to complete their missions, while remaining constantly vigilant in assessing and responding to risk.


AirSprint’s pursuit of safety focuses on a highly disciplined approach to process and procedure to ensure we can consistently attain our customer service and safety objectives.


Flying jet aircraft is a high performance task. Our pilot training programs exceed regulatory requirements including a combination of company instruction, Flight Safety ground school and flight simulation.

Aircraft Maintenance

AirSprint is a Transport Canada certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization, with full time certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on staff to ensure the highest standard of aircraft reliability and safety.

Safety in the Skies - AirSprint Private Aviation
At AirSprint, safety comes first. It is one of our six core values and the safety of our fractional owners is always the number one consideration in our flight operations. Fractional aviation in general has one of the best safety records in the entire sector.

AirSprint is no exception to this rule with a large number of initiatives to help ensure a safe and efficient operation for our fractional owners, our pilots, and everyone else involved with AirSprint. Aviation safety starts with a well-trained crew and AirSprint has always taken its training very seriously. We go well above the minimum training requirements set out by the industry for our type of operation, and through our rigid hiring process and initial training program, ensure we are getting the best of the best when it comes to your flight crews.

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