AirSprint Safety

Private Aircraft Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety.

We're dedicated to getting you where you want to go. We're dedicated to getting you there quickly and smoothly. But most of all, we're dedicated to getting you there safely.

You'll be pleased to know that fractional aviation has one of the best safety records in the aviation industry. AirSprint is an industry leader. We treat every flight as an opportunity to demonstrate and improve our exemplary level of safety.

AirSprint carries the ARGUS Platinum Rating, the highest safety rating available from ARGUS Internationalan independent, unbiased third-party.

Through our on-going commitment to the WYVERN Flight Leader Program, AirSprint has achieved WYVERN Wingman PRO certification – private aviation’s highest safety standard.

Our Safety Values

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    Our fractional aircraft are appreciated for their comfort, design, docile handling characteristics and the latest in jet engine technology and flight guidance systems.

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    Safety Management System

    Our “system to improve the system” identifies opportunities for improvement through a non-punitive reporting system, front-line personnel incident reports, internal audits, Quality Assurance (QA) programs, and Line and Ground Operations Safety Assessments (LOSA/GOSA). In addition, AirSprint’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) program monitors all flights for proactive safety identification. 

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    Our culture maintains the delicate balance between confidence in the ability of our people and aircraft to complete their missions, while remaining constantly vigilant in assessing and responding to risk. We strive to hire and develop the best at AirSprint.

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    AirSprint’s pursuit of safety focuses on a highly disciplined approach to process and procedure to ensure we can consistently attain our customer service and safety objectives.

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    Flying jet aircraft is a high performance task. Our pilot training programs exceed regulatory requirements including a combination of company instruction, FlightSafety ground school and flight simulation.

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    Aircraft Maintenance

    AirSprint is a Transport Canada certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization, with full-time certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on staff to ensure the highest standard of aircraft reliability and safety.

Fly safe with us.

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