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Elevating Your Experience

Little extras can go a long way in completing the perfect flight; the expertly timed pick up in a brand new Escalade, a delicious in-flight meal paired with a great bottle of wine and premium on-board snacks to enjoy. This is where the Owner Services team steps in.

Throughout 2019, we focused on improving the Owner experience. Everything from food and wine, driving services, rental cars and commissary was examined, scrutinized and elevated. For the first time, we have designed an AirSprint menu for our base cities (Calgary, Toronto and Montréal), constructed a wine list to expand our on-board offerings and have partnered with key driving companies to enhance our pre and post flight services.

This year, we have engaged notable local companies to provide catering in Calgary, Toronto and Montréal. Together we have developed both a Legacy and a CJ+ menu for easy reference when ordering. Owners are welcome to order custom meals to their liking at any time, but this guide may help guests when ordering for guests or looking to try something new. Menu reviews, including new options, will be communicated annually.

Wine is often the drink of choice to compliment a nice meal. AirSprint will be introducing select new brands for our on-board commissary in the new year. Knowing that we can only stock a limited supply, we have created an alternative for our wine connoisseurs. Starting with Calgary, Toronto and Montreal (St-Hubert Airport included) we have launched an AirSprint Wine List. In partnership with local sommeliers, we have developed a rotating list of three red, three white and two champagne wines that can be added to any departure from those cities. Prices include only a small markup for our handling, allowing Owners to enjoy a beautifully selected bottle without paying catering company prices. We will be rotating the selection at least twice per year. Again, lists can be obtained from your Personal Concierge or found online.

With our focus on food and wine, on-board snacks have not gone unnoticed. We have swapped out numerous items this past year, focusing on premium products. Torn Ranch will now be supplying our nuts, M&Ms and cookie selection. If you are missing a product or would like to see something new on-board, please let us know. We enjoy receiving suggestions and will continue to revise our selection periodically.

The Owner Experience team has also focused on our younger travellers by creating new kids’ packages. We invite Owners to look for these on their next flight. When bringing a young family member on-board for the first time, make sure to mention it to your Personal Concierge and they will verify that the aircraft is set up to maximize their enjoyment.

Driving services are an important beginning and ending to many trips. We pride ourselves on finding partners with excellent on-time performance, new fleets and professional drivers. Partnerships with local companies in major Canadian cities (such as Yorkville Limousine in Toronto, LVMGT in Montreal and AM/PM in Calgary) allow for consistent service, easy follow up and better pricing. In the United States and internationally, we have partnered with Limousines Worldwide to provide dispatch services in virtually any destination. Using their network gives us confidence that our clients are picked up comfortably and conveniently anywhere they go. As with any of our services, an Owner’s personal preference or partnerships with other companies will continued to be honoured.

2019 was a busy year for our group. As the calendar turns to 2020, we will look to gather more specific feedback from our Owners in whatever fashion they choose, whether it be through email, text, phone, the AirSprint App, or simply a conversation with the crew. We will continue to build upon and improve our quality control, striving for perfection at every turn. Step on-board, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

“We want to create incredible travel experiences. We are making meaningful advancements in ways that matter most to our Owners. And we are just getting started.” - Melissa Lashyn, Director, Owner Experience, AirSprint Inc. ✈

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