AirSprint Legacy 450 aircraft in Florida

Legacy 450: Business & Pleasure Travel From Ontario

By Kari Peperkorn Marlowe

Whether you love aviation, have family around the world, travel extensively for work or want to bring people to you, AirSprint’s model of Fractional Ownership means increased flexibility for your life.

Creating a world where you spend less time waiting and more time doing. That’s the AirSprint way. For Canadian business owner, Juan Speck, out of Brampton, ON, the Fractional Ownership model – and the idea of making the most of his time – made sense to him for personal and professional reasons.

In 2013, Speck began looking at the number of flights he was taking and calculating the hours he was spending in the air. “I knew we were going to use enough hours to become a Fractional Owner, so we started small on the CJ2+,” remembers Speck. Since then, Speck has become accustomed to the service, convenience and accessibility Fractional Ownership offers. “We were looking for something less stressful that would maximize our time,” notes Speck. “The service, the simplicity and the ease of travelling is amazing. It’s easier than booking a flight on the internet and you have the flexibility to change at any point or any time.”

With access to AirSprint’s 24/7 Personal Flight Concierges, Fractional Owners can travel worry-free knowing that they have someone to help manage the trip, even if the itinerary changes.

As Speck’s business grew, so did his ability to work AirSprint into his company’s development. “We started using our jet to bring customers to us. We would pick them up, show them our facilities and have them home in the same day,” says Speck, who instantly saw value from impressing the clients and making their visits easy and joyful. Many of Speck’s clients come from New York, Boston, Kansas City and even Omaha – international cities that require your arrival with a commercial airline, three hours in advance before travel even begins. With AirSprint, there is no waiting.

Not only does Speck use AirSprint for business travel, he makes use of the aircraft for personal trips as well. While he has traveled with his family to Florida, California and Mexico, he also uses it 10 – 20 times a year to go between Ontario and Massachusetts. Oftentimes he travels with his wife and even his two cats. “The cats go in the soft carry-on, then they go on the seat and stay there for the flight.” Being able to travel with pets aboard AirSprint’s fleet has allowed Speck to travel comfortably, with less stress, knowing his pets are always safe and within reach.

Although Speck became an entrepreneur before, as he says, he even knew what that meant, he always knew how he wanted to conduct himself in business. “You can’t cut corners, you need to deliver what you promise, build in a margin and pay your bills,” says Speck.

“If you deliver a good product at a great price, the customer will keep coming back.” It’s for this exact reason he continues to be a fractional owner with AirSprint – because they share values. “I was excited when they decided to upgrade the fleet. We have been on the Legacy 450 program since day one and it’s so enjoyable. You can go on a flight with six people and be so comfortable,” notes Speck.

Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to reach customers, need to fly to meetings, or are looking for a more convenient way to move around in your personal life, AirSprint has a plane – and a plan – tailored to fit your individual needs.

“Once you’ve traveled with AirSprint on a plane like the Legacy 450, it’s difficult to go back to a commercial airline,” reveals Speck. “You get to know the pilots and the crews – it really becomes an extension of the way you live your life.” Fractional Ownership can open a world of travel possibilities for you to dream and plan. It’s up to you to see where we fly next. ✈

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