AirSprint Cessna Citation CJ3+ | Arrival Saltillo, Mexico

Citation CJ3+/CJ2+ vs. HondaJet Elite

A Comparative Overview

The Best Decision Is The Right Decision

The Cessna Citation CJ3+/CJ2+ jets deliver stellar, unmatched reliability without sacrificing productivity and comfort. Their superb combination of range, speed, takeoff capabilities and operating economics allow you to arrive closer to your destination in style.

So... how do these compare to the HondaJet Elite?

AirSprint CJ3+ interior narrow view

Compared to HondaJet Elite, the Citation CJ3+/CJ2+ offers:

  • Considerably greater range; completes more of its missions non-stop
  • More spacious and comfortable environment for its passengers
  • Access to more airports; significantly shorter takeoff/landing distances
  • Higher fuel efficiency; reaching cruise altitudes faster
  • More significant margins of safety while maneuvering
  • Efficient engines; lower direct operating costs

Citation CJ3+
AirSprint Cj3+ airplane 3D view

Meet The Cessna Citation CJ3+

Light-jet efficiency and flexibility meet mid-size jet performance, range and comfort. You won't find a better cabin in a jet of this class, with carefully-crafted seats and surroundings for up to seven passengers. A beautiful and elegant way to fly.

Citation CJ2+
AirSprint CJ2+ side view 3D

Meet The Cessna Citation CJ2+

High-efficiency paired with classic-style and comfort makes the Citation CJ2+ a winner. It presents lower operating costs without sacrificing one bit of comfort and reliability. It's particularly suited for smaller travel groups or more regional flights within its 2,500 km range.

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