AirSprint Legacy 450 aircraft in Florida

Legacy 450 vs. Challenger 350

A Comparative Overview

The Best Decision Is The Right Decision

Since day one, the class-redefining Embraer Legacy 450 has demonstrated breathtaking speed, enviable range and unmatched comfort. With its full fly-by-wire technology and state-of-the-art avionics, the Legacy 450 delivers not only unprecedented runway performance but an exhilarating flight experience.

So... how does it compare to the Bombardier Challenger 350?

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Compared to Challenger 350, the Legacy 450 offers:

  • Timeless design; superior craftsmanship
  • Better pressurization; 6,000 ft vs. 7,955 ft
  • Quieter cabin (lower noise levels)
  • Significantly shorter takeoff and landing distances
  • Fully digital flight controls for enhanced safety
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Efficient engines; greenest in its class

Legacy 450
AirSprint L450 airplane full plane view

Meet The Embraer Legacy 450

Spectacular speed. Remarkable range. First-class comfort. The striking and elegant Embraer Legacy 450 sets the standard for mid-size aircraft, delivering you an unmatched experience as it delivers you to your destination.

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