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AirSprint Continues to Put Safety First With PureSpace

A Comprehensive Protocol for Personal Safety and Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning

Posted on Tuesday, 7 July 2020


AirSprint continues to support its Fractional Owners through this unprecedented time by getting them where they need to be with a focus on minimizing health risks — now exemplified through the implementation of PureSpace. With PureSpace, AirSprint is placed firmly at the forefront of countermeasure development through its comprehensive protocol for personal safety and enhanced aircraft cleaning, which provides AirSprint’s Fractional Owners and their guests with a greater peace-of-mind during all stages of their travel.

“The safety of our owners, guests and staff have always been our top priority,” said James Elian, president of AirSprint. “PureSpace is the culmination of countless hours of focus by the AirSprint leadership, safety, and operations teams, to ensure a clean and comfortable environment, no matter the destination, for everyone on-board.” 

Launched in May 2020, PureSpace uses both active and preventative measures to maximize the health of everyone on-board. The foundation for PureSpace is based around continuous aircraft disinfectant, and for that AirSprint relies on the industry-leading Bacoban® cleaning product. ✈

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Source: SKIES Magazine; Posted July 7, 2020

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