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JetAssure by AirSprint

Your supplemental lift solution - exclusive to whole aircraft owners and corporate flight departments.

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Why The Program is Right For You.

As a whole aircraft owner, there are times when your aircraft is not available due to mechanical failure, scheduled maintenance or pilot availability.

There may also be times where the repositioning of your aircraft is too costly or you need it to be in two places at once.

Imagine having a turn-key, cost-certain supplemental lift solution that offers guaranteed access to a jet whenever you need it, fuelled-up and ready to go.

Program Highlights

With over 20 years of private aviation experience, AirSprint is uniquely positioned to fill the gaps that can exist with whole aircraft ownership.

JetAssure by AirSprint participants invest in one specific serial-numbered aircraft and are guaranteed access with 24 hours’ notice, anywhere in North America.

We are always ready.

2-Year Lease

The lease deposit and fees are proportionate to the number of hours you would like to fly during the term, shares begin at 100 hours and increase in increments of 50 hours. The lease is a 2-year commitment, with the deposit fully refunded at the end of the term. All of your hours can be used at any point in time during your 2-year lease, no black-outs or restrictions.

You will benefit from fixed annual and hourly pricing with no fluctuation in costs; this will allow for predictable pricing and budgeting.

Your Advantage with JetAssure

With JetAssure, you only pay for your time on-board the aircraft, there are no additional costs for positioning or one-way flights.

  • ASP Consistent Pricing
    Consistent Pricing

    Your operating costs are locked-in for two years, allowing for a foreseeable budget.

  • ASP Guaranteed Access
    Guaranteed Access

    365 days a year, you’ll have access to your aircraft category. No matter the location within Canada and the U.S. or mission profile.

  • ASP Fly Anywhere
    Fly Within Canada & U.S.

    A true North American solution. Fly within Canada and the U.S. and pay operating costs in Canadian dollars.

  • ASP No Positioning
    Eliminate Positioning

    Need to be in two places at once? Use your JetAssure share, so you’re not caught out of position.

  • ASP Flexible Hours
    Flexible Hours

    No restrictions on hours. Use all of your hours over a short period to cover off maintenance or use them sporadically throughout the term.

  • ASP CarbonOffsets 3
    Carbon Offsetting Program

    AirSprint’s Carbon Offsetting Program will have you leading the way to Canada’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

It makes sense for you.

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