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With AirSprint, your fleet has the safety, comfort, reliability, performance and efficiency you deserve. And it's always ready for you.

We started out with one plane in 2000, and today we have eight Embraer Legacy 450s, six Cessna Citations CJ2+ and four Cessna Citations CJ3+.

It's never been enough to just provide private jet travel. We have to provide the best, up-to-date experience. And that comes with investing in your fleet—the newest in North America.

AirSprint Legacy 450 aircraft in Florida

Embraer Legacy 450

Spectacular speed. Remarkable range. First-class comfort. The striking and elegant Embraer Legacy 450 sets the standard for mid-size aircraft, delivering you an unmatched experience delivering you to your destination. It's the pinnacle of the AirSprint fleet. Ownership Options >

  • Cabin Dimensions H: 72 in, W: 82 in, L: 24 ft
  • Passenger Capacity 8 passengers (up to 9)
  • Baggage Capacity 1,000 lb / 150 cu ft
Sunny picture of AirSprint CJ3+ plane

Cessna Citation CJ3+

Light-jet efficiency and flexibility meet mid-size jet performance, range and comfort. You won't find a better cabin in a jet of this class, with carefully-crafted seats and surroundings for up to seven passengers. A beautiful and elegant way to fly. Ownership Options >

  • Cabin Dimensions H: 57 in, W: 58 in, L: 15 ft 8 in
  • Passenger Capacity 6 passengers (up to 7)
  • Baggage Capacity 900 lb / 65 cu ft
AirSprint CFAS plane

Cessna Citation CJ2+

High-efficiency paired with classic-style and comfort makes the Citation CJ2+ a winner. It presents lower operating costs without sacrificing one bit of comfort and reliability. It's particularly suited for smaller travel groups or more regional flights within its 2,500 km range. Ownership Options >

  • Cabin Dimensions H: 57 in, W: 58 in, L: 13 ft 7 in
  • Passenger Capacity 6 passengers
  • Baggage Capacity 900 lb / 65 cu ft

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When selecting aircraft for our fractional fleet, AirSprint prioritizes safety, comfort, reliability, performance and efficiency.

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