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Exploring the 1000 islands in a yacht is one of life's great pleasures

Luxury On The Water

From Clayton, NY to Kingston, ON - take a breathtaking cruise along the St. Lawrence River. It’s no secret that the 1000 Islands are one of the best…
AirSprint | Bean-to-bar chocolate makers are masterful alchemists.

The World Of Bean-To-Bar

If you’re a fan of fine, bean-to-bar chocolate and haven’t had one of these all-senses-on experiences, it’s time you did! As a Level III International Institute of…
Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston  |  A Year of Great Sporting Adventures

A Year Of Great Sporting Adventures

Our bucket-list guide to 7 iconic athletic venues you should visit this year. In the buzzing, ethereal atmosphere of a century-old stadium, watching sport resembles a spiritual experience.…
In Search Of The Soul Of Fly Fishing | AirSprint

The Soul Of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a curiously enslaving sport that really does have the ability to free us… and also hold us captive to its artful nature. Throughout the…
How To Buy Taste of Place | Best Food Souvenirs

The Best Taste Of Place | Food Souvenirs

When it comes to preserving the experience of a trip abroad, a food souvenir is a fine way to bring home a literal taste of place, ready…
Euro-Spec Ferrari F40, valued approx. $1.5-$2.2M USD.

Objects Of Desire | Collectible Cars

If you ask Craig Jackson what his greatest asset is, there is little doubt he would point you to his classic car collection. With more than 80…
Guest Look Out Window At Helicopter | Mica Heli Skiing

Dreams Do Come True | Heli and Snowcat Skiing

Both heli and snowcat skiing in Canada were born in the Kootenays of British Columbia. In the late 1960s and ‘70s, ski guides and powder enthusiasts realized…
MissionHillRoad Vineyard Filter 2400pxjpg

Shaping Wine’s Next Frontier

If you were to ask sommeliers in 2021 which wine region they’re most excited about, there’s a good chance many would single out British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.
AirSprint Legacy 450 plane in the sky

Elevating Your Experience

Little extras can go a long way in completing the perfect flight; the expertly timed pick up in a brand new Escalade, a delicious in-flight meal paired…
AirSprint Legacy 450 aircraft in Florida

Legacy 450: Business & Pleasure Travel From Ontario

Whether you love aviation, have family around the world, travel extensively for work or want to bring people to you, AirSprint’s model of Fractional Ownership means increased flexibility for…
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