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A comprehensive protocol for personal safety and enhanced aircraft cleaning, which provides our Fractional Owners and their guests with a greater peace-of-mind.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a continually changing landscape. AirSprint has been at the forefront of proactively managing the risk to ensure that our Fractional Owners, their guests and the AirSprint crew can continue to travel in a healthy and safe environment.

PureSpace uses both active and preventative measures to maximize the health of everyone on-board. The foundation for PureSpace is based around continuous aircraft disinfectant, and for that AirSprint relies on the industry leading Bacoban® cleaning product.

AirSprint staff members conduct regular deep disinfectant cleaning of the entire aircraft using fogging machines to coat all interior surfaces with Bacoban® - this includes carpeting, seats, headliner, all hard surfaces, baggage compartments, lavatory, etc. After each flight, their crew members use Bacoban® wipes to clean all hard surfaces that may have been touched to maintain disinfection.

As of October 31st, all AirSprint employees are required to be vaccinated as per our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

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How we continue to put your safety first.

Personal PPE Kits
Personal PPE kits are provided to all guests which include masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, and gloves.
Crew Member Policies
Crew members are fully vaccinated as per AirSprint’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, wear masks and have a limited guest contact policy.
Air and Surface Purification
OHAir® MySpace™ air purifier, a technologically sophisticated and advanced air and surface purification treatment device runs in the aircraft and communal areas.

Additional Countermeasures AirSprint Has In Place

PureSpace also includes the following countermeasures within the protocol, which are continually evaluated and adapted as new information is received.

What is Bacoban?

Bacoban® is a water-based cleaner/disinfectant which leaves behind a Multi-Functional Surface. Once the cleaning effect dissipates, a three-dimensional nano-structured layer, measuring 40 times thicker than human DNA, is automatically formed and left behind, allowing for up to 10 days of anti-microbial protection.

This ultra-thin film ensures that dust, protein, and liquids will adhere loosely to the surface, allowing for complete and effortless removal. Bacoban® holds a Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN) and is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), having been deemed safe for food contact surfaces according to Canadian regulatory compliance standards.

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For greater peace-of-mind...

“The safety of our Owners, guests and staff have always been our top priority. PureSpace is the culmination of countless hours of focus by the AirSprint leadership, safety, and operations teams, to ensure a clean and comfortable environment, no matter the destination, for everyone on-board.” - James Elian, President of AirSprint

We're dedicated to getting you there safely.

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