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Corporate Private Jet Travel

AirSprint is a discreet way to travel, providing the security and sense of privacy that only comes with owning a jet. Fly seamlessly - Canada, USA (incl. Hawaii), Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Central and South America.


Whether you have multiple meetings in different cities during the day, or a last-minute deal needs you in-person, or you're looking to boost your business development strategy—AirSprint is poised and ready.

We provide you with a better choice for optimizing your time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry-leading safety standards and exceptional turn-key service; everything personalized for you and your guests.

Travelling for work is no longer work itself. Fly free of hassle and focus on getting your job done—or recharging on your way to that crucial meeting.

1 Enjoy freedom and flexibility.
2 Regain control of your time.
3 Procure your safety and privacy.

Your jet is ready when you are...

Simply let your Personal Flight Concierge know where your meeting will be and they'll find the closest airport to its location. With each and every flight, the level of service and quality of jet you'll receive is steadfast. Unlike when you charter, you will not waste time gathering quotes nor have concerns about your safety or aircraft condition.

When you arrive...

Your time is important. Using a private hangar and arriving airside means you will not waste precious time during your business day. You can drive right up to your jet, which will be fuelled-up and ready to go, with all your personal preferences considered.

On-board your jet...

You're in your own private boardroom in the skies. With access to Wi-Fi and a satellite phone, everything is at your disposal to catch-up on emails, prepare for your meeting or strategize with your colleagues.

When you get there…

You'll arrive quickly and safely, without the burdens associated with commercial travel. Step off your jet with everything taken care of and personalized for you. We'll arrange for a car service to take you straight from your jet to your meeting, not a minute wasted.

We are always ready...

You can regain control of your travel schedule to help realize your personal, business and philanthropic goals. Your jet will be ready to go with as little as 24 hours' notice - we'll get you to that last minute meeting or hard-to-reach destination; and home in time for dinner with your family.

AirSprint photo of Toronto

The ultimate business development tool…

“As my business grew, so did my ability to work AirSprint into my company’s development. We started using our jet to bring customers to us. We would pick them up, show them our facilities and have them home in the same day.” - Juan Speck, AirSprint Fractional Owner

AirSprint Owner Meets With Onsite Team

Hard-to-reach destination; no problem.

Access to thousands of airports.
We have the ability to access shorter runways, which allows you to arrive closer to your final destination; not a minute wasted as you go straight from your jet to your meeting or site visit.
A true North American solution.
Your experience will be care-free, from departure to destination and everything in-between. Seamlessly, fly within Canada and the U.S. and pay operating costs in Canadian dollars.
Better than any charter option.
Imagine no longer worrying about the quality of aircraft, your safety or travel experience; it’s your jet and it’s ready when you are.

Achieve balance and be where you want to be; when you want to be.

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