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Discover how good it can be with AirSprint.

We pursue excellence in everything we do. That includes the experience we provide you.

Our aircraft deliver you to your destination. Our team's dedication and service deliver the experience.

We often call ours a turn-key service. We take care of everything behind-the-scenes so you can just focus on enjoying the ride and whatever awaits you at your destination.

From the moment you request your booking, to your in-flight experience, and every moment along the way, AirSprint is committed to delivering a superior level of service.

Be prepared for excellence, every step of the way.

Your jet is ready when you are...

Your Personal Flight Concierge is available day and night, 24/7, ready to help you plan and schedule your travel needs. They'll make sure your experience is care-free, from departure to destination and everything in between.

When you arrive...

You'll be welcomed and escorted to your aircraft, everything poised and ready for you. Using a private hangar and arriving airside means the hustle, bustle and hassle of crowded airport terminals is avoided.

On-board your jet...

You're in your own personal sanctuary, catered and appointed to your personal tastes and requirements. While en route, you enjoy sipping your favourite glass of wine with your catered meal, as our trained flight crew ensure your flying experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight, or use your time to catch up on work or other matters.

When you get there…

Step off the plane with everything taken care of. Your transportation is waiting for you airside, as organized by your Personal Flight Concierge, along with your hotel reservation, and any other travel arrangements needed. Skip the terminal and start experiencing your destination!

We are always ready...

Your jet will be kept ready to go with only a few hours' notice. And our team will be there ready to make your next trip everything you deserve. 

AirSprint passenger enjoying her flight

Travel at your leisure.

Reach more destinations and spend more time where you want to be. On a Friday, you could decide on a casual weekend away, and before you know it, you could be relaxing at your destination. Quality time is always within reach.

AirSprint passengers working

Your business is your pleasure.

Travelling for work is no longer work itself. Fly free of hassle and focus on getting work done—or recharging on your way to that important meeting.

AirSprint Corporate Flight

Your optimal supplemental lift solution.

Explore JetAssure by AirSprint, exclusively for corporate flight departments and whole aircraft owners. This is the program for you.

AirSprint Blair McKeil

Hear what our Fractional Owners have to say...

“Fractional Ownership gives me the ability to do everything that friends who own an entire aircraft do, but I don’t have to own a whole aircraft and I don’t have to manage it.”

The Value of Fractional Ownership vs. Whole Ownership | Blair McKeil

Enjoy an elevated experience with AirSprint.

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