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AirSprint | An Unexpected Art Mecca | Scottsdale

An Unexpected Art Mecca | Scottsdale, Arizona

A pleasing climate, scrubby Saguaro-dotted terrain and the mystic quality of desert light, have attracted creatives to the Sonoran suburb since the early 1900s. You could say…
View of Arenal Volcano in central Costa Rica | AirSprint

Costa Rica | Pura Vida

There’s something about the small but mighty country of Costa Rica that continues to satisfy both the travellers’ sense of adventure and of serenity. This is the…
AirSprint | Heli-golf | Pemberton, BC

The Anything-But-Ordinary

Too often, the ubiquitous travel bucket list falls victim to obvious, look-and-see recommendations. We don’t need to tell you about America’s national parks or Canada’s northern lights. Instead,…
Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico | AirSprint

Oaxaca, Mexico

Rugged, beautiful and tucked into Mexico’s southwest, you’ll find the stunning state of Oaxaca. Bordered by Chiapas to the east, Veracruz to the north and the Pacific…
Northern Flights | Alaskan adventures are the ultimate wilderness escape.

Northern Flights

It was a land of ice and stone, but plentifully stocked with everything they needed to survive. Today, the northernmost American state is still rich in resources,…
Exploring the 1000 islands in a yacht is one of life's great pleasures

Luxury On The Water

From Clayton, NY to Kingston, ON - take a breathtaking cruise along the St. Lawrence River. It’s no secret that the 1000 Islands are one of the best…
How To Travel To Tofino, BC | AirSprint

The Hamptons, Monterey & Tofino

Three of the hardest destinations to get to that are a breeze for AirSprint Fractional Owners. Having your own private jet means that you can avoid long…
AirSprint | Les Iles de la Madeleine

Jewels Of The Gulf

Les Îles de la Madeleine – known in English as The Magdalen Islands – are composed of eight main islands (seven are inhabited) totalling just over 200…
AirSprint | Bean-to-bar chocolate makers are masterful alchemists.

The World Of Bean-To-Bar

If you’re a fan of fine, bean-to-bar chocolate and haven’t had one of these all-senses-on experiences, it’s time you did! As a Level III International Institute of…
McPhee Scot Card1  536 Resampled ccd2 RGB CropXSky

Scotland: Castles, Single Malt. Royal Luxury.

Rolling green hills give way to a dramatic coast and a shimmering sea. A medieval castle stands on a broken, rocky outcrop with a white sand beach…
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