Embraer Praetor 500 Over Kananaskis

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Explore Your Private Flight Options | AirSprint | Florida

Exploring Your Private Flight Options

Learn about whole aircraft ownership, charter, jet cards and fractional ownership – and get expert advice on how to choose the one that’s right for you...
AirSprint | Join Our Flight Crew

Corporate Pilot FAQ

Are you thinking about a career as a private jet pilot? Maybe you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities, or perhaps you’re well into your training and…
AirSprint Praetor 500 in Calgary, Alberta

Another Record Year | AirSprint Outpacing International Trends

AirSprint’s plans start at USD $325,000, plus operational and maintenance costs, for 25 annual hours of flying in a Cessna Citation CJ3+ seven-seater. Prices go up from there, depending…
We pledge to drive real change in the aviation industry.

We’re Ready To Fly When You Are

AirSprint created the JetAssure supplemental lift program to address the needs of whole aircraft owners and corporate flight departments who need to know that even if their aircraft is grounded,…
AirSprint Praetor 500 | Springbank, Alberta

AirSprint's Recent Growth With CEO James Elian

AirSprint is Canada's largest fractional jet operator and North America's fourth largest, logging 27,333 flight hours according to ARGUS TraqPak data. The company saw 43% growth from…
Towards Greener Flight | AirSprint

Towards Greener Flight

AirSprint is committed to building a more sustainable future and we pledge to drive real change in the aviation industry. Tackling climate change can't wait, and neither…
AirSprint | Cessna Citation CJ2+ | C-GZAS

The Value Of Time

From a business perspective, flying private offers a host of measurable benefits. These include significant time savings; a schedule tailored to your needs; the ability to fly…
Praetor 500 // Your Jet Is Ready When You Are - Votre jet est prêt lorsque vous l’êtes | Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Buying A Private Jet

It can take years to prepare for the arrival of an aircraft, all leading up to one of the most exciting days for any new owner—delivery day.…
AirSprint | Celebrating Women In Aviation

A Celebration Of Women In Aviation

In the Canadian aviation industry women make up only about five percent of all pilots. In the United States and the UK women make up only about…
Air Sprint private jet flying over Hawaii

James Elian On The CEO Series With McGill's Karl Moore

AirSprint’s President & CEO, James Elian sits down in Calgary with McGill University’s Karl Moore for The CEO Series. Elian tells Moore about his journey from early…
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