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Praetor 500 // Your Jet Is Ready When You Are - Votre jet est prêt lorsque vous l’êtes | Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Buying A Private Jet

It can take years to prepare for the arrival of an aircraft, all leading up to one of the most exciting days for any new owner—delivery day.…
AirSprint | Celebrating Women In Aviation

A Celebration Of Women In Aviation

In the Canadian aviation industry women make up only about five percent of all pilots. In the United States and the UK women make up only about…
Air Sprint private jet flying over Hawaii

James Elian On The CEO Series With McGill's Karl Moore

AirSprint’s President & CEO, James Elian sits down in Calgary with McGill University’s Karl Moore for The CEO Series. Elian tells Moore about his journey from early…
AirSprint Embraer Praetor C-GBAS | Springbank, Alberta

Selecting The Optimal Business Aircraft

Let's examine the key drivers supporting business aviation and important questions to consider before selecting a company aircraft. Finally, let's look at the role business aircraft play…
31632069978 b43ff1863e o AirSprint L450 Window FL 3000pxWb

Fractional Jet Ownership Explained

As the world emerges from a global pandemic, now is the time to experience the safety, security and comfort of Fractional Jet Ownership. Isn’t it time you…
ASP L450 C GXSS SpringbankArrival AdjCrop 3000pxWb

Your Future In Private Aviation

The outlook is bright for private aviation. While commercial aviation plans its eventual recovery, private aviation is already filling the void. The sector offers a safer travel option…
Sunset Over British Columbia

BC Aviation History | First Flights

AirSprint Fractional Owners are part of a long Canadian aviation legacy. Its history is one steeped with persistence, determination, grit and innovation – a history that we…
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