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James Elian On The CEO Series With McGill's Karl Moore

AirSprint’s President & CEO, James Elian sits down in Calgary with McGill University’s Karl Moore for The CEO Series. Each week, some of Canada's top leaders spend an hour with Karl discussing their paths to success, insights into the latest business trends, their advice to budding entrepreneurs, their work/life balance and more.

Elian takes Moore through his journey from the early days when he first joined the AirSprint as a First Officer - twenty years ago. Further to his progression from Training Captain to Chief Pilot and other operational and leadership roles, and along still as he made his way to his present-day role - AirSprint's President and CEO.

2002 James Elian as First Officer. AirSprint enters the jet age with the addition of the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS aircraft to the fleet.

2002 James Elian, First Officer | AirSprint enters the jet age with the addition of the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS aircraft to the fleet.

AirSprint | James Elian, President and CEO

2021 James Elian, President and CEO | The latest jet to join the fleet, the Embraer Praetor 500.

Find out what are Elian's greatest aspirations, biggest motivations and, how he has been able to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Listen to where he sees himself and AirSprint in the next couple of years, after the outstanding growth the company has experienced in the last two years. Furthermore, learn about his vision and plans for the next 5 to 10 years, including how AirSprint is looking to lead the way into an environmentally sustainable future.


Moore’s interview is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to lead Canada’s Largest and North America’s Newest Fleet of Fractional Aircraft. ✈


Karl Moore is an Associate Professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University and an Associate Fellow at Green Templeton College, Oxford University. He is an author of several books, contributor to, and has a weekly video column called "Talking Management" in the Globe and Mail. He was named one of the world's greatest business thinkers in a 2005 issue of the Business Strategy Review published by the London Business School. Karl partners with McGill undergrads in writing the scripts for the show, working together to understand today's leadership.

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