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Experience private jet travel from Vancouver and many of other locations in British Columbia - such as Abbotsford, Victoria, Nanaimo and Boundary Bay - with AirSprint.

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Get where you want, when you want, so you get done what you want to get done.

Individuals and corporations in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia choose AirSprint because they want a way to fly that is safe, efficient and enjoyable - while avoiding the interruptions or distractions of commercial flights.

AirSprint's Fractional Ownership Program gives you all the advantages of having a private jet on-call without the challenges that come with upkeep, maintenance and staff.

Your jet is ready when you are...

Your Personal Flight Concierge is available day and night, 24/7, ready to help you plan and schedule your travel needs. They'll make sure your experience is care-free, from departure to destination and everything in between.

When you arrive...

You'll be welcomed and escorted to your aircraft, everything poised and ready for you. Using a private hangar and arriving airside means the hustle, bustle and hassle of crowded airport terminals is avoided.

On-board your jet...

You're in your own personal sanctuary, catered and appointed to your personal tastes and requirements. While en route, you enjoy sipping your favourite glass of wine with your catered meal, as our trained flight crew ensure your flying experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight, or use your time to catch up on work or other matters.

When you get there…

Step off the plane with everything taken care of. Your transportation is waiting for you airside, as organized by your Personal Flight Concierge, along with your hotel reservation, and any other travel arrangements needed. Skip the terminal and start experiencing your destination!

We are always ready...

Your jet will be kept ready to go with only a few hours' notice. And our team will be there ready to make your next trip everything you deserve. 

Talk to us about your preferred options.

Non-Stop Flying Times From Vancouver

It's never been enough to just provide private jet travel. We have to provide the best, up-to-date experience. And that comes with investing in the newest fleet in North America.

Browse, compare and choose the jet best for you.

Private Jet Travel to and from Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of Canada's densest, most ethnically diverse cities. Mountains surround this active west coast seaport, which is not only known as a popular filming location but has thriving arts & culture, theatre and music scenes.

A visit to Vancouver is never quite complete without walking through the city's many national historic neighbourhoods like Gastown and Chinatown. And if architecture is your thing, the Marine Building is an art-deco site to treasure with its pre-war fusion of aquatic motifs and late-1920s romanticism.

Known for its works by regional artists, Vancouver Art Gallery will not disappoint any art-goer, while the Museum of Anthropology features renowned First Nations collections and is an experience to cherish. The Museum of Vancouver is also a must-see with impressive galleries documenting the 1950s and 1960s, plus striking vintage neon signs.

Vancouver has an international attitude regarding food, primarily inspired by its largest populations—western and Asian. World-renowned chefs apply their culinary traditions to locally-grown produce and superb seafood from around Vancouver Island, creating distinctive, sought-after cuisine. Au Comptoir, Buckstop, Guu Garden and Forage are permanent fixtures in the YVR foodie scene—and if you are really looking for a culinary experience, the Seafood Tower at Blue Water Cafe is legendary.

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