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AirSprint is committed to delivering a superior level of service.


“Once you’re on board and you experience it, you’re hooked. I looked at charter, fractional, did all my homework. You’re not going to find a better value than AirSprint."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2014


AirSprint Blair McKeil


“Fractional Ownership gives me the ability to do everything that friends who own an entire aircraft do, but I don’t have to own a whole aircraft and I don’t have to manage it.”

The Value of Fractional Ownership vs. Whole Ownership | Blair McKeil

Travel at your leisure

“There is nothing like being greeted by name when you arrive at your jet - which is stocked with treats and has a favourite movie queued for your kids."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2018


AirSprint John Cassaday

Our Turn-key Service Awaits You

“…it was a Sunday afternoon and all the flights out of La Guardia were cancelled. I called AirSprint and we had her home by 8 o’clock that night.”

AirSprint is There in a New York Minute | John Cassaday

A care-free experience, from departure to destination

“Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to reach customers, need to fly to meetings, or are looking for a more convenient way to move around in your personal life, AirSprint has a plane – and a plan – tailored to fit your individual needs."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2017


AirSprint Maurice Pinsonnault


“It's the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.”

The Advantage of Private Jet Travel | Maurice Pinsonnault

A Better Choice To Optimize Your Time

“The key thing about service is that anyone can buy the airplane, but it’s the quality of the service that matters. I can get so much more accomplished on a private plane when the experience is this way – it makes a huge difference."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2013


AirSprint airplane mid flight

The Model That Works For You & Your Bottom-Line

“As an AirSprint Owner for more than a decade, I can confirm that AirSprint has always had an aircraft available to meet my needs in a timely manner. And as a Fractional Owner, I never have to cover deadhead costs - greatly improving my economics.”

AirSprint is Always There | W. Brett Wilson

Your Very Own Time Machine

“Whether it’s a 3hr, 2hr or 1.5hr flight, you can get a lot accomplished during that flight. A private plane allows you to have a private board room with uninterrupted time – imagine what can be accomplished in that environment! When you add all those things up – it’s efficient, it’s productive. It’s the only way to go."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2008


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