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“The booking process works really well. I book all my flights exclusively through the AirSprint App. It is a convenient and user friendly way to set up all my travels."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2021


AirSprint connects the dots that don't connect  |  Scott Ruzesky

the one thing you can't buy with money is time

“The one thing that you can't buy with money is time. AirSprint allows you to buy back time that you'd otherwise give away to traditional methods of travel.”

AirSprint Allows You To Buy Back Time | Scott Ruzesky


“Once you’re on board and you experience it, you’re hooked. I looked at charter, fractional, did all my homework. You’re not going to find a better value than AirSprint."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2014


AirSprint Blair McKeil


“Fractional Ownership gives me the ability to do everything that friends who own an entire aircraft do, but I don’t have to own a whole aircraft and I don’t have to manage it.”

The Value of Fractional Ownership vs. Whole Ownership | Blair McKeil

Travel at your leisure

“There is nothing like being greeted by name when you arrive at your jet - which is stocked with treats and has a favourite movie queued for your kids."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2018


AirSprint John Cassaday

Our Turn-key Service Awaits You

“…it was a Sunday afternoon and all the flights out of La Guardia were cancelled. I called AirSprint and we had her home by 8 o’clock that night.”

AirSprint is There in a New York Minute | John Cassaday

A care-free experience, from departure to destination

“Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to reach customers, need to fly to meetings, or are looking for a more convenient way to move around in your personal life, AirSprint has a plane – and a plan – tailored to fit your individual needs."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2017


AirSprint Maurice Pinsonnault


“It's the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.”

The Advantage of Private Jet Travel | Maurice Pinsonnault

A Better Choice To Optimize Your Time

“The key thing about service is that anyone can buy the airplane, but it’s the quality of the service that matters. I can get so much more accomplished on a private plane when the experience is this way – it makes a huge difference."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2013


AirSprint airplane mid flight

The Model That Works For You & Your Bottom-Line

“As an AirSprint Owner for more than a decade, I can confirm that AirSprint has always had an aircraft available to meet my needs in a timely manner. And as a Fractional Owner, I never have to cover deadhead costs - greatly improving my economics.”

AirSprint is Always There | W. Brett Wilson

Your Very Own Time Machine

“Whether it’s a 3hr, 2hr or 1.5hr flight, you can get a lot accomplished during that flight. A private plane allows you to have a private board room with uninterrupted time – imagine what can be accomplished in that environment! When you add all those things up – it’s efficient, it’s productive. It’s the only way to go."

AirSprint Fractional Owner, Since 2008


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