AirSprint | 100% Carbon Zero 2025

AirSprint | A Commitment To Make All Company Flights Carbon Neutral By 2025

Posted on Thursday, 1 December 2022


AirSprint Inc., the Canadian authority in Fractional Jet Ownership, has unveiled an exciting new plan that will see all company flights 100% carbon neutral by 2025.

In its latest white paper, “Towards Greener Flight,” AirSprint explains how the sustainable aviation movement is reaching critical mass as society recognizes that all modes of human transport negatively impact our planet. At the same time, recent technological improvements in airframes, engines and operational procedures – along with successful market-based measures – have given our industry the tools to make a difference.

In fact, there is plenty of opportunity to press for positive change and there’s no better time to act than right now. Private jet activity increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and strong leadership is needed to mitigate our sector’s climate impact.

As one of Canada’s largest private air operators, AirSprint realizes its climate impact is largely attributed to the hours flown by its fleet. Accordingly, the company has partnered with Toronto-based Carbonzero to implement a program that will offset all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by company aircraft by 2025.

“Working with Carbonzero, we’ve shared fuel consumption and flight activity details to determine emissions releases and the related requirements for offsetting that will counter our flight operations, both domestic and international,” said James Elian, President and CEO of AirSprint.

The program will be phased in gradually, although an impressive 85% of all AirSprint flights are currently carbon neutral through the purchase of third-party verified carbon offsets.

“We look forward to increasing that to 100%,” said Elian. “My expectation is that the vast majority of our Fractional Owners will participate in the program voluntarily.”

By 2025, carbon offsetting will be mandatory for all AirSprint Fractional Owners.

As a Canadian aviation leader, Elian feels AirSprint has both the opportunity and the responsibility to take bold, decisive action to benefit our planet.

“It all comes down to what we can do based on where we are today,” he concluded. “We’re at a moment in time now where we can truly mitigate our climate impact.”

Aside from carbon offsetting, AirSprint will also be pursuing sustainable operations through three other channels: committing to new technology, improving air operations, and increased use of sustainable aviation fuel as it becomes more widely available. 

Click here to read AirSprint’s white paper “Towards Greener Flight.”

About AirSprint

AirSprint Private Aviation is a privately-held company with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. AirSprint maintains the largest fractional fleet of private aircraft in Canada, a jet collection of Embraer Praetor 500s, Embraer Legacy 450s, Cessna Citations CJ3+ and Cessna Citations CJ2+. AirSprint proudly flies Canadians from coast-to-coast, including service from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the Maritimes. AirSprint provides discerning Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry-leading safety standards, exceptional turn-key service and increased flexibility; everything personalized for our Owners’ individual travel needs. All at a fraction of the cost.


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