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Delivery Day At AirSprint | 31st Aircraft

Posted on Wednesday, 1 March 2023


AirSprint Inc., the Canadian authority in Fractional Jet Ownership, announces its 12th Cessna Citation CJ3+ aircraft has arrived to join its fleet. With this new jet delivery, the AirSprint fleet has grown to 31. AirSprint now operates with 13 Embraer Praetor 500/Legacy 450/500, 12 Cessna Citation CJ3+, and 6 Cessna Citation CJ2+ aircraft.

"Delivery day is always a great day, and this new CJ3+ joining the fleet only solidifies our ability to deliver the benefits our Fractional Owners expect," said Scott Wenz, AirSprint's Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

From a business perspective, flying with AirSprint offers many measurable benefits. These include significant time savings; a schedule tailored to your needs; the ability to fly into smaller airports that may be closer to your destination; the option to add more than one stop; and a private "office in the air," so that flight time can be productive time.

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ lets you stay seamlessly connected with wireless intelligent cabin technology designed especially for the Citation line. The quiet cabin creates a peaceful environment, with natural light supplied by 14 large windows and illuminated LED lighting—a beautiful and elegant way to fly.

"Our stellar team is always posed and ready each time a new jet joins the fleet," said Wenz. "Their dedication and service have been delivering an incomparable experience to our Owners for over 22 years."

With AirSprint, there's never been a better time to harness the power of business aviation. Fractional Ownership delivers a proven competitive advantage, allowing companies to maximize essential employee productivity, accelerate the conclusion of important deals, and improve the quality of customer interactions.

About AirSprint

AirSprint Private Aviation is a privately-held company with offices in Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. AirSprint maintains the largest fractional fleet of private aircraft in Canada, a jet collection of Embraer Praetor 500, Embraer Legacy 450/500, Cessna Citation CJ3+ and Cessna Citation CJ2+ aircraft. AirSprint proudly flies Canadians from coast-to-coast, including service from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and the Maritimes. AirSprint provides discerning Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry-leading safety standards, exceptional turn-key service and increased flexibility; everything personalized for the Owners' individual travel needs. All at a fraction of the cost.


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